Here are the last 5 games Sports Logbook members have logged:

New York Islanders
vs. New Jersey Devils

New York Islanders
vs. Boston Bruins

Texas-Arlington Mavericks
vs. Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin Cajuns

Saint Louis Billikens
vs. Duquesne Dukes

Georgetown Hoyas
vs. Villanova Wildcats

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The Sports Logbook is a webpage dedicated to the ultimate quests of fandom. Whether it's an attempt to go to every MLB stadium, or simply to be the biggest fan of your favorite team, The Sports Logbook can provide everything you could possibly need to keep track of your quest. Here's a sneak peek at some of the breakdowns we provide for our users.

First off, we'll show you your top 10 teams and leagues seen. This will allow you to answer the long nagging question of "Do I attend more NHL or college football games?" As you can see here, this person is a slightly bigger hockey fan than college football:

Top 10 leagues and teams

Secondly, we can break down all sorts of statistics on all the games you've seen:

Statistics offered
Expanded view of statistics
Expanded view of statistics

But if you're more interested in seeing where you've been, you may be more interested in the map, which places an icon for every stadium you have attended, as shown here:

Map of stadiums seen

If you're trying to fulfill a lifelong dream of seeing every Major League Baseball stadium, the progress bars will be what pique your interest, as they show how close you are to your goal:

Progess bars by league

Of course, for a lot of fans, knowing that they're the #1 fan of their favorite organization will be a point of pride. Or perhaps it is the knowledge that their team is the most popular, which is why we have the scoreboard, which compares all leagues, teams, and individuals to see who the best fans are:

Top leagues, teams, individuals

Perhaps none of this appeals to you and you're just looking for an organized location to store and view all of your games:


Any way you slice at it, The Sports Logbook is the place for your sports history.

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